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Upcoming shows

15.01.10 A Light at the End of the Orgy… (Vienna)
IDM, Breakcore and more with Hecate, Death Is Not A Colour Bobby Velvet and others.


12.07.08 Birthday Bash (Vienna)
Omg, i am fuckin’ 30 years old. We will celebrate again at the Otto-Wagner-Pavillion.

04.07.08 Mr. Magister Party (Vienna)
I will be playing at the convocation of a dear friend of mine at the Otto-Wagner-Pavillion.

26.06.08 Essence Afterparty (Vienna)
“Die Angewandte” party organised by my class. Watch out!!!


23.06.08 Sexual Healing (Vienna)
Rockin’ the Flex.

16.05.08 Jamie Lidell / Joakim (Linz)
Really looking forward to this one! I will play warmup together with fino from 10-12pm at the Posthof.

15.05.08 Mobile Music Workshop Afterparty (Vienna)
I will be playing tomorrow night at 10pm at the Angewandte in Vienna at this event.

14.12.07 Hero, I miss you (Vienna)
I will be playing together with “Handsome Hank” and “Dean Youngblood & Max Lindner” at a venue at the Ragnahof (Grundsteingasse 12, 1160 Vienna). Flyer here!

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