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Syncmode Records (2002)

A record label which i founded together with ALIVE (Bernd) in 2002. Our goal was not only to release our trax and spread them on vinyl (!!!) , but also to offer a plattform for other friends and artist. But after releasing the first two records we didn’t manage to keep things going. We couldn’t find a distributer for upcoming records and we both got involved into all kinds of other projects so the label is at the moment on hold. Syncmode is also our musical alias as producer and as live act.

syncmode live

We have balls! (2003)

Christof Winkler, which is a friend of mine since high school, is a really creative guy who likes to “program colorful, moving things” (authentic quote). Most of the time these things also make sound and this alternate sequencer does it as well. You have a 2d landscape which you can modify with the mouse and you can drop balls on this landscape. Everytime the balls hit the ground you get an event which you can transform into a midi event. We also did a 3d version of it which is not yet online. Somehow alternate sequencer concepts are a personal mission to me (and to Christof too i think) so think there will be more to come.

Breakin’ Stevens (2003)

A mash-up, break-core, fuck-up and melt-down project by Phish and me. We dress up in stupid elvis costumes and perform remixed/destroyed versions of old tracks which we most of the time don’t like. So you will find Elvis, Beach Boys, Donna Summer and many others given a personal flavour of broken child toys and digital effects. This one is one of my favourite tracks .. enjoy!

breakin stevens live

Plototyper (2007)

Maybe you can remember HAMA pearls from your childhood. A creative toy for small children with which you could create pixel images on a plastic board and iron them then to a picture. Bernhard Pusch had the idea to create a robot which can do basicly the same. You feed an image to a software which creates a 3d model of this image (the 3d information comes from a greyscale height map). The robot then creates the pearls from rubber tubes, cutting them into the disired length and sticks them on a metal plate with spikes on it. After “plotting” the image the pearls will be glued together with synthetic resin. This project is still work in progress.

the plototyper an image by the plototyper

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