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New Year New Mix

Happy 2010 to everyone! The mix is from last year but i’m happy i managed to record one finally. Actually, it’s not very well mixed but i can recommend every track on it :)

Get it in the download section or just click here!

HC Strache owned by van der Bellen

Video inside! It’s german by the way ..

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Party like it’s my birthday ..

We are celebrating @ the Otto-Wagner-Pavillion tomorrow at 22 pm. Join us!

And then …. 3 weeks off to Bulgaria .. happy holidays :)


I was wondering the last year or so about a new trend in vienna. I saw a lot of kids dressing up in golden sneakers, wearing neon-colored caps and palestinian scarfs running around in vienna .. there is now a official name for them called “Krocha”. Wikipedia makes it official now ;)

I started surfing around a bit and found websites like this one where they present their style of dancing called jump-style. Next thing i found was a dance style called shuffle .. and it fuckin’ rocks.

The funny thing about it is that i get so nostalgic when i watch this kid jumping .. takes me way back to my old rave times. We didn’t have the funky sounding names for it (like melbourne shuffle, jump-style ..) but we had better XTC :D

Seems i’m getting old … baaam euda!!

Imdb search bookmarklet

A adaption of the google bookmarklet, nothing special, but i use it a lot (useful when browsing joox.net :)

IMDB Search

(just drag the link to your browser bar, it should appear there as a normal bookmark. then just browse a website and if you find a title of a movie or movie actor for example, highlight the words and press the boorkmark. won’t work on sites with frames i guess)

2008 - Ouch my head!

After having around 25 bottles of champagne and sparkling wine yesterday i try to organise myself for the coming week (which is kind of hard because my head feels like a smashed potato). I want to finish the 3d tests for the semester project, i have to write a little report on these guys and make a 3d model of an idea for a projection. University starts with the 7th of january, but i have to work the whole week so barely enough time ;)

Happy new year!

My digital (alter) ego

I’m not really a online community site affiniciado but there are some tools out there which i use more or less frequently. For example you can find my small link collection @ del.icio.us and i also use stumble upon, which is a really cool plugin for firefox. The quality of the links you will “stumble upon” is really high and i think i will post some of my stumbles here in the weblog as well. Of course i also have a musician myspace profile (which i rarely check). Together with alive we run a small label called syncmode records which is also on myspace.

Because i’m really into Unreal Tournament 2004 i have an ESL profile and you can find me also on clanbase and our clan homepage. As mentioned before, i also have a soft spot for foosball so you will find me posting from time to time here.

Hello world!

Finally! My new website is online .. wooohoooooo!!