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UT2004 and Warsow config files

Because tweeking the .ini (.cfg) files of fast FPS is somehow essential to optimize the gameplay i decided to upload the configs for my 2 favorite games.

These are the Warsow files (provided by GoReY), namely the HUD and the .cfg file. For installing the hud check this post in the Warsow forum.

For UT u actually need the UT2004.ini and the User.ini. Furthermore i use this crosshair pack.

Unreal and Kwari

I play UT2k4 for about 2 years now and i still really enjoy it. It’s a fast paced first person shooter like Quake or Warsow with different game types. I play most of the time either TAM or InstaCTF (both also in an austrian clan). Because UT3 was released a few weeks ago the 2k4 communtiy is a bit weak at the moment, so i am looking for alternatives. Warsow looks really promising, it’s fast, it has insta .. and it’s open-source and free!

Another interesting approach i found is Kwari, an ego-shooter which is about real money. Still not really sure how it works, but i downloaded allready 78% and i will try it immediately.