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Archive for Digital Art

Jamie Lidell / Joakim

They will play at the Posthof in Linz. I will play warmup together with fino from 10-12pm. And .. i updated my upcoming shows page .. me lazy bastard :)

Mobile Music Workshop

The mobile music workshop takes place atm at the university for applied arts in vienna (sterngasse 13, 1010). So if you are in the area, just drop by!


I want to share some daily comix which i read constantly.

xkcd.com and dilbert.com are my daily dose of nerd stuff and the other is wulffmorgenthaler.com, which is just plain weird.

Also, a friend of mine started a weblog which is about ruby code and lyrical spam called sick.snusnu.info

Graffiti Research Lab

I had to write a little report on the GRL guys (in german unfortunately). You can find it here, enjoy!

Sculpted prims with Cinema 4D

I found a nice AND working tutorial for C4D on how to make these strange images you can use then for sculpted prims in Secondlife. I will never understand why they didn’t implement a .obj importer f.ex. but yeah, i guess LL moves in mysterious ways.

Stanislaw Lem, The Futurological Congress

I have to prepare a little presentation at the university about Metaverses in literature. We could choose a example and i chose the “The Futurological Congress” which i really adore. Another possible choice for me would be Neal Stephenson or Philip K. Dick maybe (it was in fact for other students). One course at the shop is about Second Live (so we run around there, build stuff, look at things and talk about how much SL sucks) and the other, called “Orbis Tertius”, is about the perception in the metaverse, so they are connected. “Orbis Tertius” is the one for which i have to prepare the presentation tonight so i think i will take some of this, this and this and prepare a little something.

The teachers are nice guys, so either check out their website or, if you are into SL, check out the blog from Harwdarehacker Hoch.

Semester project WS 2007

At the university we have to do each semester a project so this year i want to do a 3d sculpture with one-way mirrors. The idea is as follows: I want to build a small white pyramid with the top cut off and put it into a box of 4 one-way mirrors. Over the pyramid i place a video projector and i want to project 4 videos on each side of the pyramid. I’m going to render the videos with OpenGL so i can correct the distortion in a 3d engine (jMonkeyEnginge preferably). I want to use a realtime 3d engine so i can make the sculpture interactive or rather modifiable. At the moment i still play around with the video rendering and the 3d stuff, so the creative part (choosing the videos and writing the concept ;) is still to be done.

There are two videos on youtube which in some way have to do with the idea.

Automatic projector calibration

3d city projection

There are several problems with this project:

  • A square meter of one-way mirror costs about 250€ and i need about 2.5
  • I haven’t found any literature about one-way mirrors. I dont know how much light intensity i loose with these mirrors
  • I don’t know if the engine is fast enough to render 4 vids

I try to have a working modell without the mirrors in the next few days.

Spank my monkey

After playing around with some java 3d/game engines i think i like this one best. Easy to code, with physic support and a lot of friendly people in the forum. For my semester project i also play around with jMyron, which can handle video/webcam images and do some basic motion and color tracking (it’s also used in processing). As soon as i have some results i will put the source online (either via svn or via download).