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Archive for January, 2010

Linz still alive and kickin’!

I’ve been in Linz last weekend and Mr. Fino played this awsome dj mix to me. DJ Abbilty drops some unbelievable tunes in his unique cutting style. Be sure to check out the Hilly Billy Soul blog!

A Light at the End of the Orgy…

Tomoroh Hidari (aka the bringer of darkness aka 667 - the neighbour of the beast) reached the biblical age of 35 and finally got his Mag. phil. :) Because of that, i will grab some records on the 15th of January and bring them to the Arena in Vienna to sacrifice them together with Hecate, the dystopian dubbers and others to honor our dark lord. Drop by and celebrate with us!

Facebook event and details!

New Year New Mix

Happy 2010 to everyone! The mix is from last year but i’m happy i managed to record one finally. Actually, it’s not very well mixed but i can recommend every track on it :)

Get it in the download section or just click here!