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Archive for May, 2008

Spring Festival 2008

It sucked .. big time!!! I wanted to see 3 artists, namely Juan Atkins, the Bug and Luke Vibert. I allready knew that the Bug had a double booking for this day so there were only 2 left. We arrived thursdays at 2.30am in the Postgarage in Graz and we still had to pay the full 25€ entry just to find out minutes later that Juan Atkins won’t play. They didn’t even bother to put a sign in front of the door announcing it. Same shit happened saturdays. We asked one of the Spring guys when Luke Vibert is going to play and he told us that he is allready in Graz and that he will play in a few hours. So we stayed in the Postgarage waiting. Most of the sound was really crappy, so it was a kind of torture to do so. At 6am i met Stefan Auer (the guy behind Zeiger and the organiser of this festival) and i asked him about Luke and he told me that he is sick. Those bastardz! Luckily, i had a really nice time with my girlfriend and some old friends from Graz, otherwise i would be really, REALLY pissed.

Big up to the local DJ’s from Graz though. They organised a counter party where you had to pay 3€ for the whole day. Would have been the better choice!

Maybe we will go to the Wilsonic festival in Bratislava .. sounds promising as well ;-)

Jamie Lidell / Joakim

They will play at the Posthof in Linz. I will play warmup together with fino from 10-12pm. And .. i updated my upcoming shows page .. me lazy bastard :)

Mobile Music Workshop

The mobile music workshop takes place atm at the university for applied arts in vienna (sterngasse 13, 1010). So if you are in the area, just drop by!