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Archive for March, 2008


I want to share some daily comix which i read constantly.

xkcd.com and dilbert.com are my daily dose of nerd stuff and the other is wulffmorgenthaler.com, which is just plain weird.

Also, a friend of mine started a weblog which is about ruby code and lyrical spam called sick.snusnu.info


I was wondering the last year or so about a new trend in vienna. I saw a lot of kids dressing up in golden sneakers, wearing neon-colored caps and palestinian scarfs running around in vienna .. there is now a official name for them called “Krocha”. Wikipedia makes it official now ;)

I started surfing around a bit and found websites like this one where they present their style of dancing called jump-style. Next thing i found was a dance style called shuffle .. and it fuckin’ rocks.

The funny thing about it is that i get so nostalgic when i watch this kid jumping .. takes me way back to my old rave times. We didn’t have the funky sounding names for it (like melbourne shuffle, jump-style ..) but we had better XTC :D

Seems i’m getting old … baaam euda!!