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Archive for January, 2008

Graffiti Research Lab

I had to write a little report on the GRL guys (in german unfortunately). You can find it here, enjoy!

Unreal and Kwari

I play UT2k4 for about 2 years now and i still really enjoy it. It’s a fast paced first person shooter like Quake or Warsow with different game types. I play most of the time either TAM or InstaCTF (both also in an austrian clan). Because UT3 was released a few weeks ago the 2k4 communtiy is a bit weak at the moment, so i am looking for alternatives. Warsow looks really promising, it’s fast, it has insta .. and it’s open-source and free!

Another interesting approach i found is Kwari, an ego-shooter which is about real money. Still not really sure how it works, but i downloaded allready 78% and i will try it immediately.

Yummi, ear fodder!

My girlfriend Vania is really into electro music and she is also a fantastic electro djane. She runs a radio show on frequencyradio.org every two weeks (maybe in the future every week) on thursday from 10 to 12 pm cet. She plays different styles of electronic music (all of it broken beats, because otherwise the electro-police will arrest her) and she sometimes invites guest to play there as well (me f.ex. :). The radio is focussed on electronic music and they broadcast live every day starting at 8 pm cet (check out the program).

Another internet radio i really adore is globalfunkradio.com. As the name suggests it’s all about da funk, so they play soul, funk and jazz mixes during the day (not live though). Their live program starts around 7 pm cet consisting of oldschool hiphop, electro breaks but also more experimental stuff.

And, in case you didn’t know it, go check out play.fm. They broadcast live but they also have a huge archive of electronic music (Vania has a show there as well btw).

2008 - Ouch my head!

After having around 25 bottles of champagne and sparkling wine yesterday i try to organise myself for the coming week (which is kind of hard because my head feels like a smashed potato). I want to finish the 3d tests for the semester project, i have to write a little report on these guys and make a 3d model of an idea for a projection. University starts with the 7th of january, but i have to work the whole week so barely enough time ;)

Happy new year!