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Archive for November, 2007

My digital (alter) ego

I’m not really a online community site affiniciado but there are some tools out there which i use more or less frequently. For example you can find my small link collection @ del.icio.us and i also use stumble upon, which is a really cool plugin for firefox. The quality of the links you will “stumble upon” is really high and i think i will post some of my stumbles here in the weblog as well. Of course i also have a musician myspace profile (which i rarely check). Together with alive we run a small label called syncmode records which is also on myspace.

Because i’m really into Unreal Tournament 2004 i have an ESL profile and you can find me also on clanbase and our clan homepage. As mentioned before, i also have a soft spot for foosball so you will find me posting from time to time here.

Foosball (not soccer ;)

I really enjoy playing foosball (table soccer aka wuzln). i’m practising now for ages and i’m still highly motivated. Not that i’m any good (maybe around top 100 in the garlando ranking) but i think it’s a challenging game. You gotta have some tactics and a really good hand-eye-coordination. I’ve been to Las Vegas in september playing the championships on the tornado table and i have to admit i enjoy it much more than this crappy garlando table, so if you think about buying a table, go for the american model! And to put some advertisement into this blog (the first one btw), my brother opened a online store for selling tornado tables in europe called tornadotische.at!

Spank my monkey

After playing around with some java 3d/game engines i think i like this one best. Easy to code, with physic support and a lot of friendly people in the forum. For my semester project i also play around with jMyron, which can handle video/webcam images and do some basic motion and color tracking (it’s also used in processing). As soon as i have some results i will put the source online (either via svn or via download).

Jazz .. i love it when you say jazz

a nice collection of online jazz radio stations.