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This blog is pretty outdated, sooo :)

Mixes -> https://www.mixcloud.com/bitkid

Bitkid on FB -> https://www.facebook.com/bitkid

Bitkid on Twitter -> https://twitter.com/djbitkid 

Live project together with Holodri ->  https://soundcloud.com/hbjams

Syncmode -> http://syncmode.at

Umpfz umpfz umpfz

 I did a remix for BASCH ANALOG recently .. and it’s finally released! :)

Check Denk nicht so viel (bitkid clubedit)!


Finally managed to record a new DJ mix.

actress - redit 124 - prime numbers
bell - black helicopters - soul jazz records
dmx krew - texture mapping - turbo
electric man - bubble wrap - dissident
blake baxter - our luv - decks classix
bitkid - stand still remix - the24seven records
steve parker - the spirit remix - afro acid
jimmy edgar - young thing - items & things
moodyman - dem young sconies - decks classix
kebacid - draculia - blank ltd
patrick pulsinger & dj glow - plowing the dark - trust
nicole - a small entrance to a large spectrum - n.e.w.s
armando - downfall - muzique records
atom tm - insulting the dj - musique risquee

Check the download section

UT2004 and Warsow config files

Because tweeking the .ini (.cfg) files of fast FPS is somehow essential to optimize the gameplay i decided to upload the configs for my 2 favorite games.

These are the Warsow files (provided by GoReY), namely the HUD and the .cfg file. For installing the hud check this post in the Warsow forum.

For UT u actually need the UT2004.ini and the User.ini. Furthermore i use this crosshair pack.

Linz still alive and kickin’!

I’ve been in Linz last weekend and Mr. Fino played this awsome dj mix to me. DJ Abbilty drops some unbelievable tunes in his unique cutting style. Be sure to check out the Hilly Billy Soul blog!

A Light at the End of the Orgy…

Tomoroh Hidari (aka the bringer of darkness aka 667 - the neighbour of the beast) reached the biblical age of 35 and finally got his Mag. phil. :) Because of that, i will grab some records on the 15th of January and bring them to the Arena in Vienna to sacrifice them together with Hecate, the dystopian dubbers and others to honor our dark lord. Drop by and celebrate with us!

Facebook event and details!

New Year New Mix

Happy 2010 to everyone! The mix is from last year but i’m happy i managed to record one finally. Actually, it’s not very well mixed but i can recommend every track on it :)

Get it in the download section or just click here!

DJing tonight @ Donau/Vienna

Vania, Slack Hippy and myself penetrating the decks tonight (5/6/09) @ Donau!

The24seven feat. Violetta Parisini

First release of my favourite christian rock band!!!

Go check it out >>>here>>> !!!!!

Elektra Bregenz did a video for the track .. find it after the jump :)

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Wilsonic again!

The Wilsonic festival in Bratislava will take place from the 11th to the 13th of june. I’ve been there last year and really enjoyed it. Nice friendly people (even the bodyguards) and a good music selection. Line-up here!

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